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The Ultimate Target Market Identifier

Power Up Your Prospecting With Easy and Irresistible Posts Using This Highly Targeted, Proven Strategy So Your Message Reaches and Compels Your Ideal Prospects To Act. All Without Sounding Sales-y or Spammy.

Have Ready, Hot Prospects Filling Up Your In Box and Commissions Rolling In.

This one of a kind training you teach you will simple words and phrases and insider secrets that influence and attract your ideal prospect in your perfect target market and niche.  

Knowing these strategies will set your prospecting and recruiting apart from all the others out there selling the same thing in this noisy world of social media. 

The vast majority of entrepreneurs are stepping over and losing thousands of dollars every month simply because they do not know how to reach their ideal prospects or customers on line, talk to them without being sales-y and compel them to make a decision and take immediate action.

This course will teach you all of this and you will be able to put those thousands of dollars you've been losing in the bank once and for all.


Get a simple, proven, step-by-step process for identifing YOUR ideal Customer, New Team Business Builder or Client and how to target them with easy to use influence that you can add to your messages and posts that will compel them to reach out to you for  more information time and time again. 

Discover little known secrets and hacks to navigating that deep sea of people and appeal to their deeply embedded desires every time. Being able to Zero in on the people who want what you have is critical to building a Huge, Profitable Business.

Access to this course in easy to understand, powerful training modules, videos and downloadable worksheets to help you zero in and understand your ideal market's unique characteristics, desires and motivators that will set you apart from all the others offering the same product or opportunity that you are. 

Fast Start Bonus #1: With this course you will also have Access to A Private Mastermind & Member-Only Online Community. A place for our members to connect, inspire and learn from the most successful marketers who are shaking things up and making money today. You will always get your most burning questions answered by other members, including my team and a number of high level marketers who are always eager to jump in and help.

Fast Start Bonus #2:  Access to our Affiliate program to help you make money straight away and gather hot leads for your business through referrals while you launch this method.

Ask Yourself....

What are you missing out on by not having the perfect prospects reaching out to you?

What is the cost to you, to your business or to your family by continuing to waste time and feel frustrated on social media hoping someone will join you.  

Can you afford to continue on this way?

Start The Ultimate Target Market Identifier Program Today and Have Your First Highly Targeted Prospects Reaching Out To You In No Time 

$497.00 usd

(Total Retail Value $800.00)

Is This Course Worth It?

See what your peers are saying....

The most comprehensive course I have ever had. It was amazing!

From the start, I was enamored with Tracy's authentic smile and care for the people she was teaching how to be a successful marketing professional like herself.  I have found Tracy to be an amazing storyteller who pulls back the curtain to show with personal examples of her trials and tribulations before she became a successful businesswoman.  After participating in several of her webinars, she informed me about her courses in which she teaches and coaches other network marketing professionals on HOW to leverage the power of social media to turbocharge their business by attracting their ideal customers and business partners. 

I have had a few trainings on finding perfect prospects before but Tracy's course, "The Ultimate Target Market Identifier" is the most comprehensive course that I have ever had.  She asked many questions that I had never asked myself before or saw in other sub-par trainings.  For example, she asked me outside the box detailed questions about my target group and the specific niche of my business.  Stuff I have never heard before. It was amazing!  I have gained skillsets and confidence in my ability to build the business of my dreams. I’ve learned from Tracy that I could build my MLM business without ever again having to bug friends and family.  And it is already happening!

Irene G. (United States, Network Marketer)

You are my new guru!

"Watching your live videos was like watching a master class! You made my day. I watched your videos four times!"

Tina M. (Canada, Coach)

We highly recommend her!

“Tracy brings so much value to the table. She can help you build not only your business but yourself.”

Carla & Mike G. (Canada - Network & Affiliate Marketers)

I am definitely learning from you!

"Tracy, you are such an inspiration. In you, I have found the mentor I have been looking for! Thank you for all that you are and all that you share!"

Johanna  . (South Africa,  Marketer)

Tracy is the real deal!

"I'm so glad we connected, and I'm excited and Blessed to be working with her. I have learned so much!"

Shana W. (United States,  Affiliate Marketer)

Tracy is such a positive person and a great coach!

“Not only does her vibe rub off on you, she's very direct and informative. If you need sound advice and skills to grow your business, contact Tracy! and grab this course”

Danielle P. (Canada, Network Marketer)

I'm ready to start my new journey!

“Tracy is a great coach with an unique way of teaching. I'm excited to have found this resource. Thanks for being there for me and my upline”

Penny K. (United States, Network Marketer)

Who This Course is NOT for:

  • You're already bringing in $500k/year on a consistent basis
  • You've already got a thriving, profitable business
  • You need to make a quick buck
  • You don't like change
  • You feel defensive if someone gives you feedback or tries to coach you
  • You really believe that your way is the best way
  • You are not open to learning or thinking outside the box


After you watch and complete the first module, if you don’t think The Ultimate Target Market Identifier will help you enroll more new people onto your team, gain customers… explode your business… and grow your income… I demand you get a refund.

Simply shoot my support desk an email and we’ll promptly and cheerfully refund your payment upto 7 days from date of purchase.

So, as you can see, there’s absolutely nothing to lose.

Grab The Ultimate 

Target Market Identifier Program Today and Start Signing Up Your Ideal Prospects

$497.00 usd 

(Total Retail Value $800.00)

Meet Tracy

Tracy is a professional teacher and trainer by trade. While she loved teaching for fifteen years, she was tired of the glass ceiling and income cap and knew there had to be more out there. Tracy decided to pursue something more and the search led her to online marketing. She began working her marketing business part-time.

Tracy established and implemented strong systems in building her business. To her surprise, she was able to retire from teaching. She began working full-time in her business.

Tracy then became determined to discover the underlying secrets of what her target market and niche really wanted. Tracy committed herself to the process of learning the ins and outs of market awareness and marketing specifically to those she wanted to reach. Since then Tracy has implemented these skills into her business and has mentored thousands of other marketers... and she has never looked back.

Tracy is a multiple award winning, industry recognized business success mentor, trainer, author and the Queen of Business Breakthroughs. 

WARNING: This is NOT a way to 'get rich quick'! This is the method I used to build a solid business, over time and with effort and consistency.  

Any sales figures referenced are my personal sales figures, or those of our most exceptional clients. Please understand that my results are not typical and I am not implying that you'll duplicate them. 

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