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How do I sign up to become an Ambassador Influencer Partner?

Across the top dashboard you will see a tab labelled 'Become an Ambassador Partner' You can register there. You will need your paypal address so we can deposit your high ticket commissions there.

Share In The Success of Tracy Chalmers and The Passion & Purpose To Profit Methodology™ Line of Products and Services!

Become a partner now ... it's free to sign up! That's right.

If you tell your colleagues, friends, followers, subscribers, and customers about The Passion & Purpose To Profit™ line of products and services, and they purchase through your personal partner links, we'll pay you a 10-40% partner referral commission (depending on the course or program.)

Many of our courses/programs in the line up are high ticket so that could mean an easy commission of $1000.00 or more in a single  sale! Can you imagine selling several of those a month every month! There is NO LIMIT!

We do all the order processing. You just sit back and collect your commissions! There is NO limit to the number of people you can get commissions for!

Currently, we pay commission on sales of " The Ultimate Target Market Identifier™Content that Connects, Compels + Sells Solution , 15 15 15 DMO Formula, The Courageous Academy Business Incubator Group Coaching Program", and Tracy's 1:1 private mentorship experiences and we add new programs and promotions at various times throughout the year..

Here are some ways you can promote us:

  • In your newsletter
  • In your e-mails to your list
  • On your website
  • On your website's links page
  • Though your social media posting on any and all social platforms
  • During your live videos on social platforms
  • In editorial coverage or blogs on your website
  • In advertising slots on your website (banners)
  • In conversations with friends and colleagues
  • At networking and lead generation meetings in your town

Here's the easy, three-step process for you to begin collecting commissions:

1. Fill out the Partner signup form
2. Submit the form.
3. You will receive an email with a code that lists your private login information.

Tracy provides ongoing coaching and training free for ambassador partners so you can grow a strong and highly profitable business within this line of products and programs.

Details about how to access immediate training so you can get started right away successfully as well as details about on going live trainings will be sent to you via email shortly.

Remember, spamming is NOT allowed. Violators will be removed from our ambassador program immediately and commissions will NOT be paid. We are not responsible for inaccurate claims made by partner members.


  • Commissions will be paid approximately 30 days after the close of the month the sale was made, to allow for cancellations or bad payments.

  • No commissions will be paid on cancelled orders or for clients already in our database.

  • We do not pay commission for your own purchases.

We reserve the right to remove you from our ambassador program for any reason.

Questions? Send a note to

To your success,


When am I paid my Ambassador Partner commission? 

  • We pay loyal ambassador partners via PayPal for all commissions earned on the first of the month following a full 30 day period – regardless of the amount. For example, the commission for a sale made on March 27 would be paid on May 1.
  • To earn commissions by referring others to my site and programs, you must include your partner link in the promo material that you use ie: graphics, ad copy, emails, etc., otherwise the system will not know any resulting sales should be credited to you.

I'm not sure how the ambassador partner program works. Where can I learn more?

If you have signed up as a partner, you will see an “Ambassador Partner's Area” section on the dashboard home page of the membership site. Inside there you will notice a heading called Navigation. Under there are the "Training" and "Recordings"  where all the recordings of the partner training calls are located.

We recommend starting with the “How To Be An Awesome Ambassador and Create Online Income” powerpoint training inside the "trainings" module and then the most recent Q&A Sessions inside "Recordings".

You will receive a bi-weekly email reminder of the Ambassador Advantage Success Q&A call that takes place every on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month at at 12:00 pm PST, 1:00 pm MST, 3:00pm EST 8:00 pm BST   

Will Tracy be following up and emailing my leads or should I?

Yes, your leads will automatically receive a series of emails by Tracy.

We recommend you send your leads a hello email or DM as well to nurture the relationship further so they start getting to know you if they don't already

For example, it may go something like this:

Dear _______,
I see you just picked up a copy of [name of lead magnet]. Congrats! I’ve found the information in it to be really helpful.

I’ve been in the ________  business for ___ years, and I’m so thrilled that I found Tracy Chalmers' training on [topic of training, course or program you are promoting]. It’s revolutionized the way I _____________________________!

I highly recommend the Ultimate Target Market Program if you’re serious about growing your business. It’s only $____  and there’s a guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. You can get it here: [your partner link].

If you have any questions at all about Tracy’s programs I’d be happy to chat with you. Feel free to book a time on my online calendar here: [link to your calendar]


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