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How do I sign up to become an affiliate?

Across the top dashboard you will see a tab labelled 'Become an Affiliate' You can register there. You will need your paypal address so we can deposit your commissions there.

When am I paid my Affiliate commission? 

  • We pay loyal affiliates via PayPal for all commissions earned on the first of the month following a full 30 day period – regardless of the amount. For example, the commission for a sale made on March 27 would be paid on May 1.
  • To earn commissions by referring others to my site and programs, you must include your affiliate link in the promo material that you use from me (graphics, ad copy, emails, etc.), otherwise my system will not know any resulting sales should be credited to you.

I'm not sure how the affiliate program works. Where can I learn more?

If you have signed up as an affiliate, you will see an “Affiliates Area” section on the dashboard home page of the membership site. Inside there you will notice a heading called Navigation. Under there are the "Training" and "Recordings"  where all the recordings of the affiliate training calls are located.

We recommend starting with the “How To Be An Awesome Affiliate Marketer and Create Online Income” powerpoint training inside the "trainings" module and then the most recent Q&A Sessions inside "Recordings".

You will receive a bi-weekly email reminder of the Affiliate Advantage Success Q&A call that takes place every on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month at at 12:00 pm PST, 1:00 pm MST, 3:00pm EST 8:00 pm BST   

Will Tracy be following up and emailing my leads or should I?

Yes, your leads will automatically receive a series of emails by Tracy.

We recommend you send your leads a welcome email so they start getting to know you.

For example:

Dear _______,
I see you just picked up a copy of [name of lead magnet]. Congrats! I’ve found the information in it to be really helpful.

I’ve been in the network marketing business for X years, and I’m so thrilled that I found Tracy Chalmers' training on [topic of training, course or program you are promoting]. It’s revolutionized the way I [prospect and recruit or build my business daily etc]!

I highly recommend the Ultimate Target Market Program if you’re serious about growing your business. It’s only $47 and there’s a 30-day guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. You can get it here: [your affiliate link].

If you have any questions at all about Tracy’s programs I’d be happy to chat with you. Feel free to book a time on my online calendar here: [link to your calendar]


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